Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Night, Gracie.

We took the kids out to eat last night in Waco to celebrate good report cards from the eldest two.  They chose to go to the Hibachi Place, which is good food and entertainment all in one.  Gracie was pretty tired, because she won't EVER take a nap, but those car rides will knock her out almost every time.  She slept the whole way over and did not wake up until after we ordered.  She did well during the meal and wasn't grumpy or whiny (which is usually the case when she hasn't slept enough!)  On the way home she fell asleep again and woke up as we were coming up our drive.  She heard us talking about bath time and bed time, so she piped up and said, "I just want to have a bath in my car seat."  


Love that kid.

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Shelley said...

That Gracie is something else... she never lets there be a dull moment! I was so excited that they chose us over Mr. Miagi(sp?) on Saturday night :)