Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abby!

In honor of Abby's 6th birthday tomorrow, I've come up with 6 things that are special about her.  Here we go!!

1.)  She is quiet, yet smart.  She doesn't feel the need to be vocal about what she knows, but if you can ever get her to talk about things, her knowledge will just blow you away.  But, you probably won't ever get her open up... the moments are few and special.

2.  She is beautiful.  I mean "take your breath away" pretty.  When she flashes that smile, I am in awe that she could possibly be MY daughter.

3.)  She loves animals and science.  She is always learning new things about new animals.  (I mean, for example, she asked for chickens and an ant farm for her birthday this year!)  When she was 3, she said she wanted to be a killer whale when she grew up!!

4.)  She is tiny, which is amazing, because she was a BIG baby.  We would always laugh about how she was a giant.  She was in the 99th % in height and weight at one point!  Then one day... she just kinda quit growing.  Now she just keeps getting taller, but not any bigger round.  (How can she be tall?!?!?!?  Her Dad and I are NOT tall!!!)

5.)  She is kind and sweet and honest and pure.  She loves with her whole heart.  She is helpful and reasonable and blissfully "undramatic".  (And as a mother of 3 daughters, we have a LOT of drama!!)

6.)  She loves the Lord, which is understandable, because she was a gift sent to us from heaven.  She is like watching my heart walk around outside of my body!  She makes me want to be a better person and a better Mother.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.  I love you so much... more than I can say.  Have a wonderful 6th birthday!!

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The Poe Family said...

You are wonderful with words. That was such a sweet message that of course brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to getting to know Abby during t-ball. I hope you survived sounded like your plate was more than full.