Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cheep, cheep...

Abby's sixth birthday is next week, and guess what she wants for her birthday? A nice Barbie doll? A fun movie? Some cute shoes? No, no, and no. She wants some CHICKENS!!! (And I don't mean from Kentucky Fried Chicken, either!!) She wants real, live, egg-laying, pecking, cheeping, chickens. SO... of course we will get them for her, because we do live on a farm, right?? This weekend we went to the feed store and bought 4 baby chicks and two baby ducks. The chicks are colored for Easter. Here's what they look like.Are they not Cute (with a capital "C")? Yes, they are! We ordered her a little chicken coop, and it has arrived, but it is literally in one million pieces, because, you know, there is "some assembly required". We will need to be working on that sometime really soon.

They chickies and duckies are really young, and have to stay under a heat lamp for awhile until they get a little bigger. Right now they are living in our garage in a cardboard box lined with hay.

They have great names. (The girls love to name things.) The chickens are "Pearl", "Tex", "Dumpling", and "Chatter". The ducks are "Bubba" and "Bill". (I particularly love that one, as I have a brother named Bill, and, you know, a duck DOES have a bill! ha!) Ah, the humor... it doesn't take much to amuse me!!

I'm sure these birds will provide lots of good material for the blog before it is all said and done. But, for now, I will leave you with some photos of the girls holding their chicks.

Here's Grace, with Tex.
Here's Kate with Chatter.
And here's Abby with Pearl. That Abby, she'll surprise you every time. She may be the biggest farmer of them all!!!

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Shelley said...

They are adorable!!! How fun... Hope daddy takes good care of them while you enjoy your time with your folks :)