Friday, February 22, 2008

100 Facts about ME...

1.  My full name is Elizabeth Gail Killian.
2.  I have been called "Betsy" since birth.  I don't know why.  I wish there was some explanation, but there isn't...
3.  My maiden name was Elizabeth Gail Killian.
4.  No, we aren't related (except now, by marriage).
5.  No, our children do not have three heads.
6.  But, yes, I am originally from Arkansas! (ha ha)
7.  I was born on September 23.
8.  I am 36 years old.  (Had to take a deep breath when I typed that!  That sounds OLD!)
9.  My parents are Robert and Sarah.  They are awesome.  
10.  I only have one sibling, a brother, Bill.
11. Bill is married to my sweet S-I-L, Roxanne.
12.  Bill and Roxanne have three kids, Sarah, Caleb, and Aidan.
13.  My nieces and nephews call me "Aunt B" 
14.  I am married to a wonderful man, Luke.  He's the best husband and father around.
15.  I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal when we got married! :-)
16.  I have three daughters.
17.  Kate
18. Abigail
19.  and Grace.
20.  I have a dog who is 13 ears old.  His name is Bandit.  He is a black Pomeranian.
21.  Bandit is so old that he has thyroid issues and is gaining weight and losing all of his hair.
22.  I felt sorry for Bandit this winter because it was so cold, and I bought him a doggie jacket.
23.  He looks ridiculous, but he's warm.
24.  We have 6 cats presently.
25.  Their names are Diamond and Cole (the parents), and Gato, Whiskers, Scaredy Cat, and Peppy (the kittens). (Peppy is short for Pepperoni).
26.  I did not name the cats.  My daughters did.
27.  We currently only have 3 cows, as we have just sold the calves.  The cows are named Bluebonnet, Rose, and Daisy.
28.  I did name the cows.
29.  We also currently have a bull, but he is leased.  You all can surely figure out WHY we have a leased bull.
30.  We have three goldfish.  
31.  Over the weekend, we had a goldfish death and were down to 2, but we have fixed that problem.  All is well in the tank again.  (This is a long story, and I'm sure I'll blog about it later...)
32.  The current goldfish are named Toto, CiCi, and Peach.  I did not name the Goldfish.
33.  Luke comes from a large family - there are four children in his family.
34. Sam is the eldest brother,
35.  Then Luke,
36.  Then Sarah,
37.  and Matt is the youngest.
38.  Sam is married to Sara, and they have three kids - Claire, Luke, and Jane.
39.  Sarah is married to Mike, and they have three kids - John, Colin, and Beth.
40.  Matt is single.
41.  I am actively looking for a good woman for ole' Matt.  :-)
42.  He is awesome, and we are going to marry him off yet.
43.  SO, if you know of any good, single women, let me know! ha ha!
44.  I grew up in rural Arkansas on a farm that is quite eerily similar to the farm where I live now.
45.  We moved to Texas when I was 15 years old.
46.  I hated it.
47.  We lived about 5 miles from Mexico.
48.  Did I mention that I hated it?
49.  I could not wait to leave for college!
50.  I went to college at Baylor U.
51.  I had a great time.
52.  I learned a lot.
53.  I think I grew up a lot.
54.  I met Luke at Baylor, and things were never the same again!!
55.  I got my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.
56.  I loved Baylor so much, I stayed and got my Master's degree in Educational Psychology.
57.  I am certified to teach K-6, and I am a certified school counselor.
58.  I married Luke on May 28, 1994.
59.  It was a great day.
60.  We went to the Cayman Islands on our honeymoon.  I still want to go back.
61.  My first real job was teaching third grade in Watauga, Texas.
62.  Watauga is one of the tiny towns between Dallas and Ft. Worth.
63.  I taught while Luke was in Medical School.
64.  After Med School, Luke went to residency in North East Arkansas.  It was kinda like "going home" for me.
65.  I taught third grade in Bay, Arkansas, for 2 years.
66.  Then I had Katie, and I quit teaching.
67.  I'm a Mom.
68.  Some day I want to teach again.
69.  After residency, we moved back to Texas.
70.  We moved to College Station, Texas.
71.  I loved College Station, though I am not an Aggie.  However, I met some wonderful friends in CS, and many of them ARE Aggies.  I still miss them a lot.
72.  While in CS, I had Abby.
73.  I thought we would live there forever, but
74.  God had a different plan for our family!
75.  A job came open in the tiny town of Hamilton, Texas, that was too good to pass up.
76.  Luke's Mom grew up in Hamilton, and his family has had a farm in Hamilton since he was a child.
77.  Taking this job and moving here was kinda like "going home" for Luke.
78.  After we made the decision to take the job and move, we learned I was pregnant.
79.  This was a big shock, since I had fertility issues with the first two pregnancies.
80.  BUT... not this time!  Grace arrived, and has been "blessing" our family ever since!
81.  I love living in a small town.
82. I feel like my kids are safe here.
83.  We have found a church that we both love, and our church loves us back.  
84.  We have built our "dream house" out in the country.
85.  I love our house.
86.  I love the school here.
87.  I have made some great friends here.
88.  I love to read.
89.  I am currently a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.
90.  I have been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons for about two years.
91.  I am currently taking a break from Tae Kwon Do because I injured my knees.
92.  But, my knees are feeling better, so I about to start my lessons again.
93.  There are days when it feels really great to kick the *@#%$!! out of a punching bag!
94.  I can now say that I can break boards with my hands and feet.
95.  I am currently TRYING to give up Diet Coke.
96.  It is HARD,
97.  because I am ADDICTED to it.
98.  But, I will give it up because it is not good for me and...
99.  I want to be around for A LONG TIME to be with my family, because
100. I LOVE my family.

There it is!  Hope that didn't bore anyone too badly!  Happy 100 posts!


Shelley said...

Yeah!!! You did it... Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have survived your weeked :)

Amy said...

I LOVE 100th posts! They are so much fun to read. And you certainly DID NOT bore me to tears. Shelley talked alot this weekend about how much alike Grace and Kenna and Kate and Katie are. I so wish we were closer.

OMG! The fish story. I laughed so loudly Kenna and Case were trying to figure out what in the world was up with Momma! So funny! Still laughing!