Saturday, February 23, 2008

It'a an aqua-mystery, Scooby Doo!

(That title is only funny if you know how much Scooby Doo my youngest child watches right now... she is obsessed. We have AT LEAST 20 episodes on our DVR right now)... Any-hoo... on with the story!

We have had a sudden disappearance in our family.

We have a cute little fish tank with three goldfish, one for each child.

It looks something like this...
Look how happy those fish are swimming in that tank! Well, when we left to go to Ruidoso last weekend, there were three fish in the tank. When we came back from Ruidoso, there were two fish in the tank. Where did the fish go? At first I thought maybe it flopped out, but the tank has a lid. Then I thought it might have gotten trapped in the filter, but it doesn't have a big enough hole in it to trap a fish. I cleaned out the tank, and there were NO fish-y parts in there... not a bone, not a single eye-ball. Finally I decided that the other two fish must have eaten it. Those two little goldfish got together and voted the other little goldfish off of the island in proverbial Survivor style, and then he was lunch.

How do you explain something like this to kids? They finally decided he must have flushed himself down the toilet like the fish did in Finding Nemo. I didn't have the heart to explain cannibalism to them just yet.

So, with tears in her eyes, Abby asks, "Can you buy me another fish?"

Absolutely, baby. I will go to Wal- Mart this very day.

And, I did.

We now have a new family member named Peach.


Shelley said...

You would think FISH would be easy... We have had back luck, too. Hopefully Peach will work out and get along with the other two. He better get on their good side QUICK!

Shelley said...

I meant to say bad luck... OOPS!