Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today one of my best friends here in the big H. is making a MAJOR life decision.  She is going to become a surrogate mother.  She has always dreamed of doing this, and after birthing her own beautiful 3 kids, she is still willing to do this for someone else.  Her husband completely supports her.  She has had YEARS of paperwork and psychological evaluations and physical evaluations and waiting, and now a couple has chosen her to bear their own biological child.  It is AWE INSPIRING to me. What a gift to give someone.  She goes today for the transfer.  Pray that it works and that God blesses this child (or children, if it's twins) that she will carry and nurture and grow and then give back to the biological parents in nine months.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Betsy you scared me for a minute. I know Shelley is a great friend to you and then I remembered that she doesn't have the ability I am proud for your friend that is stepping forward and gifting a baby to some lucky parents...(If this were 25 years ago who knows Gary and I may have just tried that--goddness knows we tried so much of the fertility things avaliable to us at that time.) I pray this is a wonderful time for her... Vi