Sunday, February 3, 2008

BIG Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had a BIG roller skating party to celebrate Katie's 9th birthday and Gracie's 3rd birthday. WOW! It was so much fun! We had lots of kids of all ages come out to celebrate with us, and lots of moms and dads, too, who were good sports and strapped on the skates! Here are some of the highlights...

Here is Katie, rockin' and rollin' around the rink!
Here's Gracie, taking a break with Dad.

Here's Abby, getting some help under the limbo pole from our friend, LeeAnn.

Happy Birthday to you, Katie! Blow out those candles!

Blow out your candles, big three-year-old!
At the end of the party, they let the kids ride the "turtle scooters" around the rink. Tis was DEFINITELY the highlight of the party! All the kids had a BLAST! They could really GO on those scooters!

Abby, scootin' as fast as she could go!

Here's Katie on her scooter.

Gracie was big enough to scoot with the best of them!!

Thanks to all our great friends who came out to help us celebrate, and Happy Birthday, girls!

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Shelley said...

We has soooo much FUN! :)