Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all before we get started on the events for the day, let me just show you the flowers that hubby sent me for V. Day...WOW, right? These are BY FAR the most beautiful flowers I have ever gotten. He has outdone himself this year!!!! Thank you, babe. I love you!

The big event for the day was Abby's big kindergarten tea party. Instead of having a "traditional" Valentine party, the kids boarded a school bus and were driven to Circle T Arena where they had lunch in the cafe' there and were served tea. They have been learning about proper manners, so the "gentlemen" practiced pulling out the chairs for the "ladies". Everyone used their proper table manners and dipped their tea bags and added lumps of sugar before drinking their tea out of real china tea cups. (I was impressed... not one tea cup was broken during this event!) The "ladies" dressed up for the even in dresses or skirts, and the "gentlemen" wore nice clothes as well, some with a western theme (since it was in a rodeo arena.)

Here are Abby and Lainey, excited and ready for the big event.

Abby, waiting on her tea to steep before sipping it like a real "lady".
After the meal and tea party, the children got to go out to the dance floor, where they got to show off some of their "moves". They have been learning the two-step and the waltz at school. It was cuter than I can describe, so I'll not even try. Here is Abby with her friend, Cade, ready to boogie to some great George Strait tunes.
And, finally, here is Abs with good ole' Mom, just to prove that I was actually there at the event! It was a great day. I took A LOT of photos, but blogger has been cantankerous tonight, and it has taken me A LONG TIME to post these. Maybe I'll try to get some more up tomorrow.

For now, Happy Valentine's Day! And, I have changed my comment restrictions, so all you people who say that you don't post comments because you don't have a blogger account, no more excuses! You can post as "anonymous" now!!


Shelley said...

so cute!! i am glad it was a success!!

Amy said...

She looks so cute. And so does mommy, of course! The flowers are beautiful! Glad you had a great Vday!

Anonymous said...

Betsy-- I'm not sure who had more fun - You and Shelley or the girls. What fun it must have been. Vi

Anonymous said...

Thanks Betsy for that change on your comments part! See I really do read this! ~ Your cuz, Laura