Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On-Line Shopping

Yay!  My 2nd attempt at "Works for Me Wednesday"!

I must admit, I love on-line shopping.  We live in the middle of NOWHERE, and it isn't easy to make it out to a "real" store when you need "stuff". (And with three daughters, we NEED stuff! haha)  SO..... here are my all-time favorites!

My newest favorite is to shop for make-up.  I know what you are thinking... Make-up?!?!?!  On-Line?!?!?!?  Yes, my friends, make-up online.  The nearest make-up counter is, at best, an hour away from my house.  My computer is wireless AND a laptop.  I can shop on my couch in my pajamas!  I already know the brands and colors that I like, and Sephora has all the brands I like (and many more I'd like to try!!)  My newest find there is called "Bad Girl" mascara by Benefit.  (If you know me in person, you are laughing out loud right now, because I am SOOOO not the "bad girl!"  I also don't wear a ton of make-up!)  But, this mascara is unreal... I have thin, straight lashes, and this mascara is just right.  The brush is super thick and it does not clump.  Love it, love it, love it!  What I also like about Sephora is that the have free shipping if you spend over a certain amount (can't remember the exact amount, but if you wait and buy your stuff all at the same time, it is pretty easy to spend that much.)  The shipping is fast.  They also allow you to choose some "samples" at check-out.  Who doesn't love a good sample?  It is fun to try a new perfume or lotion sometimes!

My other favorite old stand-by web site is  Love the bargains.  Love the cheap shipping.  Love the variety.  Everything I've ever gotten from there has been good.  

On-Line shopping really "Works for Me!"

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Shelley said...

OK... I am laughing right now! You are so NOT the person I would see buying make-up online or having a favorite mascara :) That is for make-up junkies like myself. Thanks for sharing!