Monday, September 15, 2008

A Rare "Funny" from Miss Kate...

For those of you who know Miss Katie, I'm sure that you would agree that she is very precise.  She rarely gets things mixed up, because she has a memory that is AMAZING.  All of that being said, the other day she got her words mixed up and said something pretty funny.  At the request of my fellow bloggy friend, Shelley, I'll share it with you.

We had shepherd's pie for dinner the other night.  It was pretty good, and Kate enjoyed it.  A few nights later I was pondering that age-old question that plagues Moms everywhere: "What's for dinner?"  Kate piped up and said, "Hey, Mom!  Why don't you make one of those Joseph's Pies?"  

I just looked at her with a blank look... and then it hit me.  


He's a SHEPHERD.  

In the Bible.  

OH!!!!!  I died laughing.  She had a puzzled look on her face.  Once I finally quit laughing, I explained her little blunder.  She was embarrassed, and would just DIE if she knew I was blogging about it! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Good for her for knowing her Bible stories!!
Love Roxanne

TRS said...

Ah... her memory works like mine... word association.

Seriously... in order to remember something like the mayor of our town... I have to remember name of the last mayor and then say... the name of a high school that starts with the same letter as the current mayor's last name. Cause for flubs occasionally.
Not all that handy when you are an on-air reporter!

Just to mention... since I notice her memory recall may just work that way, you might want to get her tested for mild dyslexia. no one even talked about dyslexia until I was about to finish college - but my coping mechanisms indicate that if I had been tested in my youth I would have learned more effective coping mechanisms.

TRS said...

ps - studies show that the smarter a kid is the more prone to little disabilities like this they are.

So don't take it as my saying your little Kate isn't the contrary!

Like I say... I slip up on words occasionally but if you understood all the mental gymnastics I had to do to get there - you'd know I was a genius!!