Sunday, September 7, 2008

Startling Revelation...

Get ready, internets.

I am old.

That is my startling revelation for the day.

How did I come up with this idea, you might ask?

Well, as soon as I finish taking my Geritol tablets I'll tell you.

OK.  When my parents came for their last visit, they brought me several copies of my local hometown paper from Arkansas.  Because they have a subscription.  And, they rightly assumed that I might want to "catch up" on the ole' hometown news.

Today was the first time that I actually took time to sit down and read these newspapers, and just guess what was on the front page of one of them?  There was a photo of a few little HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, one of whom is the DAUGHTER of one of my old high school friends.  Yes, that's right.  One of my friends has a high school aged daughter.  And, said friend is YOUNGER than me.  Now, granted, she had her children young.  (WAY, WAY, too young for me, I can assure you.)  But, STILL!!!!  I could SO be the mother of a high-school aged child!!!!  AACK!!!  

But, instead, I have a pre-schooler.

Thus is the mystery of life...

I'd better go on to bed now.  Old people need lots of sleep, I've heard.


Gettysburg Mom said...

I had this same revelation this summer while visiting friends in New York. My best friend's son is old enough to drive. What? When did that happen? What do you mean he's not still six?!

kristi said...

I feel old when kids I used to babysit are having babies. One girl I kept for a couple of summers had a baby in Sept. and I had Henlee in December. Maybe at graduation, said girl can wheel me down the aisle.