Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend Drama...

We've had a bit of "drama" at our house this weekend.

It all started Friday evening.  We had the children of some of our dear friends over to spend the night, because their mom was out of town and their dad (who is one of Luke's partners) was working at the ER for the weekend.

Luke was being "superdad", and took all 5 kids out with him to feed the cows.  Somehow, when he was bending forward to fill the bucket with cubes, Katie was coming up with her hand to throw some cubes, and her hand collided with Luke's eye.  Let's just say her hand won.  Luke stumbled back up to the house, and really, at first, I thought he was being kinda wimpy, because I just thought he just got poked in the eye.  But, when he finally opened his eye and let me look at it, I knew something was wrong.  It was the blood that gave it away.  I told him he should go up and let our friend at the ER look at it.  He said OK, and went to get his keys LIKE I WOULD LET HIM DRIVE HIMSELF UP THERE!  He couldn't even see!  Finally I convinced him to "phone a friend", and our friend Will came over to drive him up to the ER, which was so nice... it kept us from having to truck all 5 kids up to the hospital!   One look at his eye in the ER, and the good doctor told him he needed to see an opthomologist.  Joy!  So, at 10:00 at night, Luke and Will headed off to Temple to see the on-call opthomologist guy.  They didn't get back until about 12:30, and the eye doctor told Luke what we had suspected... he had a tear in his cornea that was pretty severe.  Just a little bit worse and they would have had to SEW IT SHUT.  (I didn't even know they could SEW your eye ball, but I guess they can!)  Instead of sewing it, Luke has had to put special drops in his eyes EVERY HOUR, round the clock, for 48 hours.

All of this would be bad enough, but to make things even worse, Luke was supposed to run in a triathlon today, for which he had been training for some time.  We were scheduled to go camping with two other families on Saturday, and then Sunday Luke was to run with Will and Lee Ann.  I suggested we stay at home, but over Luke's dead body was that happening!  If there was a chance that he could run, he was going to be there.  So, we packed up the RV and took off.  Luckily, Will came to the rescue again and volunteered to drive the RV for us (as there is NO WAY I am towing that bad boy! ha ha)  Once this morning rolled around, Luke made the smart decision to NOT run... he couldn't put in a contact, and having lake water in the cut on his eye would REALLY have not been too good.  He was very bummed.   

I am registered for my second triathlon next weekend.  Our original plan was for Luke to run today, and I would watch the girls, and then I would run next weekend while he watched the girls.  After a little juggling, we quickly registered Luke to run with me next weekend, and the fabulous Ju-Ju has agreed to baby sit for us.  That way, Luke will still get to run, and it won't QUITE feel like all his training was in vain.

Even with all the "drama", we still had a great weekend camping with some wonderful friends.  I wish I had photos, but (you guessed it) I forgot my camera.  Shelley brought her camera, but you can just go here to her fabulous blog and look at them, instead of me copying them all! ha ha!

Thanks, Will and Shelley, for all you did to make our weekend possible, from driving Luke all over creation to different hospitals to hauling our RV to the campground and back for us!!  We REALLY couldn't have done it without you!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Looks like you've had some eventfull days from the snake to the eye injury. Hey, tell Luke he should consider having Lasik once he heals up. I did and it changed my life!!! I'm glad you all are o.k. Love, Roxanne

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy weekend. I'm glad Luke is ok!

Amy said...

That's terrible!! Poor Luke! I bet that hurt so bad! Just to get poked in the eye will make you cry for an hour!! Hope he heals up quick!

Shelley said...

You are SO welcome for EVERYTHING! We had a great time :)