Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks A LOT, Shelley!!!

Yes, thanks to Shelley "hi-jacking" my blog yesterday, now the world knows that it was my birthday.  I will proudly admit to 37 years, as I have earned every wrinkle.

Here is a picture of me blowing out the match that was used to light the candles.  (Luckily, I talked the girls into just 3 candles, one for each decade, instead of 37 candles... the top of the cake would have been ON FIRE!! ha ha!!)And here is a photo of my lovely cake.  My Mom surprised me and ordered me a cake from a local bakery.  Italian Cream... my favorite!  Thanks, Mom!

I have lots more funny photos (mostly of the girls as they "helped" me celebrate! ha ha)  I would love to post them all, but blogger is a bit slow today... mix that in with my country-fried internet service, and it is SO SLOW!!!  Maybe I'll save them for a faster day!!

Thanks for the b-day wishes, everyone!!  It was a great one!


Lindsay said...

Happy *belated* Birthday! Hope you had a great one!!

Amy said...

That Shelley!! It's true, she does have a great memory. She forgets NOTHING!! I guess that's what we get when we get free blog facelifts!!!:)

Happy bday a day late!

Shelley said...

Yummy Looking cake!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!! Hope you had a good one!


kristi said...

Oh how fun and delicious.

Lisa said...

You look amazing and I wish we got to see you more often. You should come and visit - Happy Birthday!