Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tri, Tri Again!!

Today I completed my second triathlon!!!  I ran the Cleburne Ironhorse Triathlon.  It was actually fun.  It was a 300 yd. swim, a 15.2 mile bike, and a 3.2 mile run.  I did better on this one than on the first one a few months ago.  My goals were not too lofty, but I achieved all of them.  I wanted to finish (I did), I wanted to not be last (I wasn't), and I wanted to run the entire time (I did.)  I feel pretty good about it!

Hubby, of course, finished WAY ahead of me, so he was waiting at the finish with his camera.  Here I am running up to the finish line.
And here I am going across the finish mat.

Our friends Will and Shelley also ran, and Shelley's family was there with their camera, as well, so hopefully they got some pictures of Hubby that I can post later.  Our other friends, Jennifer and Michelle, also ran, so our little home town was well-represented.  

I can't wait to TRI again!!!

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Dolloff Daily News said...

Great job!! I am impressed!!! I heard it was very hilly and challenging!