Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

It is official... there are no more "babies" in my house, because my last "baby", Miss Grace, turns three years old today.  I am sad and in a deep funk about this, as we are forever done with diapers, pacifiers, bottles, learning to walk like the frankenstein monster, tasting ice cream for the first time, seeing a baby duck for the first time, and all those other moments that kids are amazed with "the first time" it happens.  

Nobody warns you about how fast this happens (or when they do, you are buried so deeply under a pile of dirty diapers that you can't hear them!)   At least I didn't hear them... 

But, my baby is a baby no longer, and since she is three today, I have tried to narrow it down to only three reasons that she is special.  I have had MASSIVE trouble making the list short, because Grace is REALLY a special kid. (Those of you who know Mighty Miss Gracie know what I mean, now, don't you?)  

SO........ in her honor, here is a list of special things about Miss Grace Evelyn!

1.)  She has a wicked sense of humor.  She is absolutely hilarious.  (And I'm not just saying this because I'm her Mom.)  I mean, she cracks me up EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Even on days where I'm contemplating pinching her little head off, she still will make me laugh (and often at times when I should be totally serious and very authoritative! )  She makes disciplining a challenge...

2.)  She loves passionately.  If you are lucky enough to be in her circle of "chosen" people that she has feelings for, you are truly lucky.  She is fierce about her love, too.  (Translation: Don't mess with somebody she loves... even at the tender age of 3, she'll TAKE YOU ON if she thinks you are harming one of her "peeps".)  :-)

3.)  She is scary smart.  I mean really scary.  Her vocabulary is amazing.  She routinely uses works like magnificent, disgusting, fabulous, and ridiculous.  She figures things out that she shouldn't be able to at her age.  You can't "trick" her like you can some kids her age... she just knows things.  I think maybe she is an old soul.

I could write a much longer list, but I won't.  She continues to surprise me each and every day.  I will continue to say that she is the child who "calmed me down" as a mother.  My first two kids were compliant, sweet, calm, and just easy to mother.  Grace has just been "different" since the day she was born!  She has humbled me and made me seek the Lord's guidance many a time!  But she is a precious gift, and I love her just as fiercely as she loves me!

Happy Birthday, Big Girl Gracie!!  Mommy loves you!


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, GRACIE! We love everything about you!!!

Amy said...

I can't believe our babies are 3 years old. Boy, those two would cause ALOT of trouble together!! Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Shelley said...

Hey... I keep checking back, waiting for some pictures of Miss Gracie from now and then :) Get that scanner to working girl!!!