Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Katie grows up before my eyes...

Today my "baby" turned 9. In her honor, I've pulled a few photos of her life so far...

Here she is today, Jan. 29, 2008. She's 9 years old and so happy.

Here she is at 7 1/2 years old, standing in front of the creek on our place.

Here she is on her 6th birthday.

This is Miss Katie's kindergarten school picture. She's 5 years old, and she's ready to take on elementary school in a new, smaller town. Welcome to Hamilton, Kate!

Here is Kate in her first dance costume, ready for her first dance recital. She's three years old.

Precious Kate, at two years old.

This is a picture of Katie on January 29, 2000. It's her first birthday.

Kate Elizabeth, one month old. The best gift her mom ever received.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Shelley said...

OH MY! Those are great! Love the one in the famous FISH (peacock)costume.