Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is missing from this picture?

I know what you are thinking... WHY does she have a picture of an empty wall in her blog? Well, dear friends, this photo is missing something! Any thoughts on what that might be? I'll give you a moment to contemplate...

(Imagine you hear music from "Jeopardy" playing here...)

YES! That's right! There is NO CHRISTMAS TREE in this picture! Yippee!!! Finally, the tree came down today, and all the Christmas paraphernalia has been packed away for another year!

The relief I feel is perhaps a little out of place, but we mustn't squelch such pleasant feelings, no matter how fleeting!

Now I feel like I can say, "Happy New Year!"

1 comment:

Amy's Gang said...

I completely understand that feeling of relief!! Good for you and Happy New Year!!