Monday, January 14, 2008

More Horse Show Pics...

The whole day wasn't spent on horseback. We had lots of friends who came out to watch, and some who came to participate as well. We had a fun lunch at Circle T, too. Corny Dogs for everyone!! Here are Luke and Gracie picking up their lunch to enjoy in the sunshine.Here's Abby, with a table full of friends, ready to enjoy some good food.
Here's Kate, being congratulated by her good friend, Abbey, who was kind enough to come out and cheer her on. What beautiful young ladies!

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Shelley said...

Hey... Love the new look! I am ready to help you put an OH SO CUTE background on now!!! Just call me tomorrow. I am addicted to this now and WANT to do more. We had lots of fun watching Katie on Sat. and those corn dogs werent too bad either :)